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Tony Singh is Tasty!

We got a chance to meet up and ask Chef Tony Singh some questions before he opened his Glasgow restaurant Tasty @ Alea Glasgow.

How long have you been cooking professionally?

Where did you train?
Telford College, Edinburgh

How would you describe your style of cooking?
Tasty! My new restaurant – Tasty – at Alea Glasgow is a unique culinary mash up which delivers an unforgettable taste explosion. It combines the best of Scottish and Asian cuisine. I’m not scared of mixing different techniques, cultures and ingredients together to get what I want – great tasting food.

Other than your well-known haggis pakora, do you have a signature dish?
Punjabi Spiced Salmon, my Mums Salmon Recipe.

What’s your favourite ingredient?
West Coast Shellfish. Scotland is blessed with the best larder in the world – I’m so fortunate to call myself a Scottish chef, there is so much inspiration all around me!

What would be your last request meal?
Cheese sandwich with my Grandad, it’s all about sharing and the company. Good food is fun when you share it with the right people. Tasty is all about sharing good food and fun times with friends.

Is there a single chef you admire more than all the others?

What made you decide to open somewhere in Glasgow after being predominantly Edinburgh-based for so long?
A fantastic opportunity came along to work with the team here at ALEA, I’m very excited to be here. I like Casinos, I’ve got a high risk personality, so I like to do adventurous things! Opening a new restaurant is one of the most exciting things you can do in your life.

We had a lovely night meeting Tony Singh and looking around the Alea Glasgow Casino. Tasty was indeed tasty, we’ll be back for a proper meal soon!

tasty tony singh alea glasgow

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