Food Review: Bread Meats Bread, 104 St Vincent Street, Glasgow



Burger heaven at Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread has been open for a good couple of years now, so it was time for another visit to see what’s new and what’s changed. We nipped in early enough at lunchtime to grab some seats.

The menu has settled down to reflect local tastes and with the addition of some  specials, so keep an eye on their Twitter/Facebook feeds.

Menu at Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Beers as well as soft drinks, milk shakes and wine are available.  A couple of soft drinks were ordered and we were ready to go.

Drinks Menu at Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

The Wolf of St Vincent (£10) – American cheese, bacon, pulled pork in a BBQ sauce with crispy fried onions and ‘Nduja mayo. Not one to order if you don’t like a messy burger.  Piles of flavour and meat.  Delicious. The Colonel was suitably impressed.

The Wolf of St Vincent, Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

The Luther:  Available as a single or double (£8)   If you are going to order a glazed ring doughnut burger well you may as well go double!  Thin patties of beef with American cheese, candied bacon, spicy beefy mayo and crispy onions inside that glazed ring doughnut.  Crispy sweet bacon, moist beef patties and the sweet doughnut.  This is amazing.  Crunchy but soft with sweet and savory.  Every taste box ticked!

The Luther, Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Our impressive lunch.  Bacon chips (£4)  as well as “normal” fries (£2.50) .  Seriously, one portion of chips would happily serve two folks – even greedy ones!


Mrs Foodie spied some doughnuts, supplied by Bostock Bakery.  These had to be bought. Filled to the brim with zingy lemon curd sauce and covered in cinnamon sugar…..mmm.  At £1.90 each, well worth it.

Bostock Bakery, Lemon Curd Doughnut, Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow
Bostock Bakery, Lemon Curd Doughnut, Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

We prised ourselves from the table and left.  This is a meal that would keep you going for a week. WOW, we were glad we’d visited again. There’s been so much improvement – the buns are delicious, the meat perfect and service quick! Could this now be home to Glasgow’s finest burger(s)?

Visit their website here:


+ possibly the best burgers in Glasgow!
+ bacon chips are amazing!
+ the doughnuts are fantastic!
+ a big filling feed!

– it’s always busy 🙁


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