Has social media made us more interested in how food looks than how it tastes?

Pot luck cafe glasgow

I was invited onto Mornings with Kaye Adams on Radio Scotland (Click here to listen online) to discuss the topic – Has social media made us more interested in how food looks than how it tastes?

Being a food and travel blogger, enticing images on social media is my thing, be it for research or to show how delicious a meal was.  But are we more interested in the look of the dish rather than its taste?

The whole Instagram scene can be false and misleading…that coffee did not look that perfect…that view… not quite an azure blue sky as it seems, but…. I think there is a job there for social media.  It’s just getting the balance right.  Using social media to showcase a hidden gem, somewhere with amazing food but hasn’t got the marketing budget or journalist pals is where it works.

On the programme Laura from Pot Luck in Glasgow joined the discussion. (Click here for our review)   Pot Luck is what social media does right. It shows off somewhere with tasty and appealing food. It gets it out there.  But, with this comes the sad side of social media.  Not only does the venue get popular, but some visit just for the image. Not to enjoy the experience. Just another thing ticked off the where to be seen list.  Enjoy the experience, stop trying to impress everyone!

Pot luck cafe glasgow


Pot Luck are insta-famous for their hot cakes, or pancakes.  There is no way you can ignore their presence.  They don’t only look good, but they taste good as well.  Does the fact they taste amazing help?  I think underneath it all…. OK something catches your eye, but for a long term relationship you also need taste.  Think of it like a date, he’s hunky but there needs to be that spark there for you to return for another date!

Social media can influence where we eat, good and bad. It’s learning to wade through the K trash fake and finding out something you like as well.  Don’t visit somewhere just because it will look good on your insta feed, support somewhere that is passionate about their produce, make delicious meals and are here for the long run.

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