Food: Temaki, Hope Street, Glasgow

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

When I heard that there was a new restaurant on the block and soon to be opening in Glasgow, I kind of rolled my eyes. I thought not another burger joint please!

But to my surprise word on the street was that Temaki going to be combining my two favourite things, sushi and burritos,  to give Glasgows eating out scene a kick into unfamiliar territory.

I headed along to the restaurant, which is located on Hope Street, an ideal location to get to after work.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

Walking in I was greeted by the staff who showed me to my spot on the bench style dinning. As I sat down and looked at the menu my mouth watered at the sound of their sushi, ramen and I couldn’t wait for the sushi burrito. As this was a press night, there was a little of everything to try.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

First to arrive was the salmon sashimi, maki, nigiri and on the side some kimchi edamame. For our first introduction Teamki really knows how to throw a punch. The sushi was fresh, super tasty and along with the spicy kimchi smothering the edamame beans, this starter filled me with excitement and it was only the beginning.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

Following this came the sushi burrito, I couldn’t wait to try this fusion of food and I wasn’t disappointed. The roasted crispy shredded duck, with cucumber, cabbage, avocado, crispy onions, hoisin sauce, sushi rice and all wrapped in seaweed was something that I thought only existed in dreams. Full of flavour in each mouthful, I could have easily ate this itself and have been totally satisfied with.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

As I let my starter go down, I admired the setting which had once been a roll shop! The beautiful gold coving and hanging lanterns give it a real cosy vibe. Each side of the restaurant are long bench style seating where everyone sits elbow to elbow. Near the front door there are a few tables but not big enough to get a huge party around.

Next I tried Temaki’s signature chilli chicken ramen, the big steaming both bowl arrived and armed with my chop sticks, which I’m useless at using, I jumped in and devoured most of the giant bowl. Filled with moist pieces of chicken, 1/2 a boiled egg, fresh vegetables and the steaming noodles this was very filling and definitely not for the faint hearted. I didn’t notice any chilli taste to be honest and felt they could have cranked the heat up more to give that fiery taste.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

Fit to burst, I thought I couldn’t possibly eat anymore but my arm was twisted to try their dessert on the menu, the Yaki mochi, green tea ice cream with a Japanese chocolate filled mini pancake. This really cleanses the pallet and was super tasty, a perfect way to end the meal.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian

The restaurant had a whole range of alcohol available, everything from Saki to Japanese beer Hite and Yuzi Sour. I was driving unfortunately so wasn’t able to try any but from the punters around me the drinks were going down a real treat.

In conclusion, Temaki is a great spot to hit up for a quick bite to eat maybe after work, in your lunch hour or if your heading out. It’s small setting wouldn’t be great for a big dinner party but I will definitely be back to try more sushi burritos in the future.

Temaki glasgow sushi Asian


113 Hope Street, G2 6LL 113 Hope St
Tel:0141 248 1869

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