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Stereo, 10 Renfield Lane, Glasgow – Jan 2011

Funky cafe bar and venue located a stones throw from Central Railway Station but yet a million miles from the queues in Greggs around the corner (and well hidden too if you don’t know where you are going).

Vegetarian and vegan friendly cafe, with soya and dairy milk options available for the drinks.

Sandwiches from £4.50, Teas from £1.60 (pot) and coffees from £1.60 to £2.10).  Tapas dishes (£3.50) as well as some main meals are also available.

We ordered peppermint tea, capuccino and a baked pepper flatbread.  Which is a flatbread filled with red pepper houmous, courgettes and mixed leaves and a side salad.  Thumbs up all round for the dishes.  Fresh flavours and a non-doughy flatbread.

Very happy with the meal £8.20 and a happy belly.


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  1. Finlay
    26/01/2011 / 10:29 pm

    I *love* Stereo. Wonderful staff, great atmosphere and they always have interesting and pleasant music playing.

    They bake their own bread so a sandwich is always worth having especially as part of their soup and a sandwich deal.

    On the downside the vegan spread instead of butter spoils the nice bread, no one seems able to make pastry and the menu doesn’t change often enough for my liking.

    Being picky. I want white sugar in my tea not brown, the teapots dribble, and, strangely, a hot teapot melts the the varnish on the brown tables so the pot sticks!

    And you don’t want to be there when there’s a band practicing in the basement.

    I sound very negative but don’t mean to be, Stereo is my favourite cafe/bar in the city.

    • admin
      26/01/2011 / 10:33 pm

      yeah i did notice only brown sugar, never thought of it as i had peppermint tea and partner in crime had a coffee. Strange one.

      Its not negative, just constructive criticism for something you love 😉

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