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Switched-on nutrition for food tweaks

Prior to lockdown last year, we noticed a number of new ready meals, energy bars, and even sachets of porridge coming onto the market, which focussed on protein rather than just the usual low sugar or low-fat foodstuffs of yesteryear. Now one year into lockdown, and with many people not able to live anything close to their pre-lockdown lifestyles, nutrition – and not just the protein side of it are more important than ever.

Tweakd approached us to let us try a couple of their nutritiously balanced frozen meals to help spread the word about their subscription plans which can be tailored or more specifically tweaked, to provide the right sort of goodness that you are looking for.

You are what you eat

The menu features dishes such as katsu curry, Thai green curry, and lamb meatballs, with the meals taking into consideration 5 key goals, e.g. are you trying to lose weight, build muscle, help stave off infections, or even recover from Coronavirus? A cold-pressed healthy juice drink also comes with each meal.

How it works

Signing up is a simple 5-step process.

tweakd get started

Step 1 is to let Tweakd know who you are.

tweakd goals

Step 2, let them know what you want your meals to focus on, from a selection of:

  • Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Muscle
  • Immune
  • Low Calorie
  • All meals

tweakd plan

Step 3 sign up for 3, 4 or 5 meals delivered per week.

tweakd what do you like

Step 4 allows you to specify a meaty or vegan plan.

tweakd choose your meals

And then the final step is to pick your preferred meals from the dishes which meet your criteria from steps 2 and 4.

When the meals arrive

When your food arrives make sure you have enough room in your freezer as they are all frozen and designed to be cooked from frozen, either in the microwave or the oven.

How the food looks once cooked

tweakd dishes side

We received the Massaman duck leg and Sri Lankan chicken curry – both of which looked great – fresh and flavoursome.

tweakd duck massaman

This was one large, meaty duck leg. Confit duck is one of Mr Foodie’s favourites so this was right up his street, actually, it was enjoyed by both of us – and Fred, our cat!

tweakd sri lankan curry

Both of the meals had slightly different cooking times so we over-cooked the broccoli that came with the chicken curry but it still tasted great. This one also came with a selection of seeds in a separate compartment, allowing you to toast them for added flavour and then sprinkle on top to complete the meal.

tweakd dishes above

The small print

3 meals with 3 drinks costs £29.95, while 4 is £38.95 and 5 is £47.50.


Both meals were excellent, they looked the part and were really tasty and filling. You might think that the plans are a bit costly but if you’re wanting to stick to a specific goal-based diet without the hard work of shopping and cooking from scratch then these are a real time saver. These meals are not comparable to something you might find in a supermarket, they are genuinely restaurant-quality so you could easily pay £15 or more for each of these. Our food arrived quickly and was sustainably packed with allergens clearly labelled, and if you decide to sign up you can change or cancel your plan anytime.


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Fred purr of honour

Disclaimer: We received two complimentary meals from Tweakd and both were Fred approved and he is a fussy house panther.




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