Food review: Pommes Frites, 476 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow

Pommes Frites - from outside

I made the trip along to one of my least favourite parts of Glasgow – the Charing Cross end of Sauchiehall St for a gig and needed something to eat in a hurry.

Pomes Frites, as the name implies specialise in chips with a choice of 11 seasonings and 14 sauces.
£1.95 for a small cone, £2.95 for a large and £4.95 for a double. It’s an extra 30p for seasoning and 60p for sauce. I went for a large but decided to forgo sauce and opted for just amarillo & chipotle seasoning, which was hot and spicy.
Not the best chips in the world but they’re certainly better than the frites stalls on the main square in Bruges! There was a satisfying crunch to them and they were fluffy on the inside. Fine without a dip but really I should’ve went for one and next time I will (probably post gig in the future!).
If you find yourself in the area with a carb craving then why not? They also sell Belgian waffles and Glasgow Mega Death sauce to take up the road.

Pommes Frites - portion of fries
Pommes Frites – large portion of fries

Here’s my large chips on a table cone holder – there’s some seating inside but only enough for half a dozen people, but on sunny days there’s room for 3 stools outside too (see main pic).

Open till the wee hours at weekends for post-clubbing carb cravings!

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