Food Review: Lychee Oriental, Chinese Moon Festival

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival

Special Chinese Moon Festival menu at Lychee Oriental

Lychee Oriental in Glasgow is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with a new dedicated five-course menu. I was invited along with other press to experience the impressive sounding five-course “Chinese Moon Festival” Menu.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival

At Lychee Oriental from September 25th to October 25th 2018, the Chinese Moon Festival menu priced at £30 per person includes,

Ginger Broth Congee

Fresh ginger on top of a broth congee with a lotus root as a garnish.  I’ll need to learn how to make this as not only is it comforting but it’s tasty as well.  Think of it like a really thick chicken and rice soup.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival

Crispy Wontons with Soy Butter Dip

I’m not generally a fan of wontons. They can be greasy, far too crisp and the insides mushy.  Not these, wolfed down and not a hint of greasy overcooked pastry! The dip was that tasty! I was dipping my prawn crackers merrily into the sauce.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival

Five Spice Beef Flank Stew with Pak Choi and Steamed Rice.

Tender beef that fell apart with just a hint of five spice, but enough to give a bit of flavour but not overpowering.  I’m not a huge fan of five-spice – it’s the star anise I’m not loving but this was just right with the sauce soaking into the boiled rice.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival

Hong Kong Peanut Butter French Toast with Banana Fritter served with ginger ice cream.

Mmm is all I can say.  This was a decadent dessert.  Sugar, fat, banana and peanut butter – what more would you need?  Suitably gooey with refreshing ginger ice cream.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival


Chinese Tea served with traditional Mooncake.

Some Oolong tea served with mooncake which is a rich thick filling dessert, usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste and surrounded by the thin crust.  It can contain a yolk, which Jimmy removed as even he thinks that’s a bit too far out for us!  It’s a very sweet dish and almost like the Chinese version of ending your meal with coffee and some tablet.

Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival


Lychee Oriental Chinese moon festival



Something a little different but not too much so don’t fear if you usually order Beef and black bean sauce.


Lychee Oriental Chinese Restaurant

59 Mitchell Street,
G1 3LN


The Chinese Moon Festival menu will run for 4 weeks only from Tuesday 25th September until Thursday 25th October. Bookings must be made in advance and are not available on Saturdays. A vegetarian option is also available



lychee oriental glasgow foodie
Inside Lychee Oriental.
© Lychee Oriental


fred purr of honour

Fred sez its OK for his mum to get an invite but not him as he can’t use chopsticks.  He sez dis the truth even if Lychee Oriental did invite her along.  He’ll just ignore mum now.

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