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Tennents Training Academy Pizza Class Dough

We recently won a competition on twitter (@tennentsacad) to win a Pizza Making Masterclass. at Tennent’s Training Academy.    The Academy teaches professionals, those seeking to update their skills (you can use your ILA account), leisure classes for us with no idea on what to do as well as nights out where you get some teaching and some fun such as comedy or dancing.

After an introductory drink and chat with John, the Chef, we settled into learning about dough, kneeding and rolling it out, even show how to wheech it up in the air like the professionals do.

Tennents Training Academy Pizza Class

Learning about how different ingredients work with the moisture of the pizza, how to make your prawns curl so they look like swans as well as tips on how to make your own tomato sauce base and chilli oil made the time pass far too quickly.


Tennents Training Academy Pizza Oven Glasgow

Our efforts came out of the ovens, tasted and discussed with the Chef and our co-learners and eaten with pride.

Tennents Training Academy Pizza Class

An excellent night was had, John was friendly and approachable, full of knowledge in surroundings much better than your average setting.

Tennents Training Academy Pizza Class

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