Food Review: Leiper’s Attic, Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Take a leap of faith with Cottier’s latest venture

Leiper’s (pronounced Leaper’s) attic can be found on the top floor of the same building as Cottier’s theatre in Glasgow.

The main entrance to Leiper’s is shown in the picture above, try to go in here and not the back way like we did!

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

It was described as being like the inside of a Ferraro Rocher by our vegan friend henceforth known as Mr V, thanks to the shiny golden ceiling, wood and ironwork which adds light and depth to what was probably just an old boring attic until recently. Look at that glow! You are really spoiling us Mr Ambassador etc. etc.!

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Leipers attic cottiers theatre glasgow west end menu
Leiper’s Attic Menu

They have two dry-ageing cabinets  so steak features prominently but there’s also a fair bit of game too.

The Drinks

Mr Foodie picked a Vieux Carte cocktail.  A Whisky heavy cocktail made with Buffalo Trace, brandy, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters and Peychaud’s bitters.  Whilst Mrs Foodie had a glass (or two) of a very quaffable Malbec.

Leiper's Attic cottiers west end glasgow

The Food

Some warm bread and sun-dried tomato butter (£4.95) came out with marinated house olives (£3.95). Freshly-baked bread served with a mixture of soft and plump Kalamata-type and green olives. 👌

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end
Both were delicious – it was one of those, I could sit here all night and just eat bread and butter moments.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west endAmuse bouche

Next up an Amuse Bouche of pork and apple jelly, with some aubergine for our vegan diner.  A light bite showing the skills of the chef.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Mr Foodie had the duck leg and potato cannelloni, peach, sorrel, pumpkin (£10). The strong-tasting confit duck was wrapped in a crisp potato cocoon with fresh peach on the side. It was delicious!
Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Hand dived scallops, lemon, whisky, baby capers & sea herbs with optional Bowmore mist (£12) for me. Definitely the taste of the sea here. The size of the scallops were disappointing, however, the flavours did not disappoint.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end
Our server adds the finishing whisk mist touch!


A crispy Asian salad was on offer which our vegan diner devoured.  Fresh vegetables, crispy noodles and again lots of flavour.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

I picked the Filet steak (£30) with a blue cheese sauce.  Don’t panic if ordering this. It isn’t an overly pungent one, rather more of a creamy and smooth cheese sauce. Dunk a couple of the fluffy chips in there, go on!  The steak was cooked medium-rare and was perfect.  Amazingly melt-in-the-mouth,  soft and juicy.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

I also ordered a side of smoked cheddar mac & cheese (£3.95). Oh my, this was excellent! Creamy and cheesy macaroni cheese topped with crispy pancetta pieces.  I’d be happy with this and the bread all day, every day!

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Mr V the vegan picked the Herb and truffle oil gnocchi, white onion, pickled mushrooms, kale and artichokes and enjoyed everything on the plate (£14.50).

Leiper's Attic cottiers west end glasgow

I pinched a gnocchi piece.  I’m generally not a fan of gnocchi as they can be gloopy or tasteless but these were smooth inside with a crisp exterior and just a hint of truffle so not too overpowering.  The accompanying vegetables and seeds added a bunch of flavour to this dish. There are layers of flavour here.Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Mr Foodie picked Pheasant, breast and leg, shallot, charred leeks, broccoli, Arran mustard (£21). Again the meat was perfectly cooked as were the vegetables.  Leiper’s Attic looks to be a go-to place if you are a meat addict.

Leiper's Attic cottiers west end glasgow

Mrs (not so) V embraced being able to order some meat and picked the roasted venison loin, butternut squash, kale, celery, wild mushrooms, honey and five spice sauce (£23.50).

We were stuffed but Mrs V, who passed on a starter still had some space left. Ah, I see  the plan now! So Panna cotta, marinated apple, apple sorbet, apple crisps (£6.50) was ordered whilst the rest of us ordered some “dessert” of wine and beer!

Leiper's cottiers theatre restaurant west end glasgow A pre-dessert of Frozen pear, prosecco jelly, mint also arrived or the table. 👌 Refreshing.

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end

Mrs V wolfed down her dessert with lots of mmms and soon the plate was bare.  I think it was tasty!

Leiper's Attic Cottiers theatre glasgow west end


We all loved our meal and the evening. Service was friendly and helpful with the tasty dishes getting thumbs up from everyone.   This is a meat eating heaven with two dry ageing meat cabinets showing off their wares. We were all impressed with the meats on offer (with the exception of Mr V but only because he won’t eat it!). IT was moist, meaty and cooked as required.  The kitchen was a bit slow on our visit, but as Leiper’s had only just opened that will improve over time, anyway, the ambience meant we were happy to linger over our drinks!


Leiper’s Attic (upstairs at Cottier Theatre) 93-95Hyndland St, Glasgow G11 5PU

Tel: 0141 357 5825

Book Online 

Opening Hours

Mon – Closed
Tue – Closed
Wed 5pm – 10pm
Thu 5pm – 10pm
Fri 5pm – 10pm
Sat 12pm – 10pm
Sun 12pm -10pm

fred purr of honour

Disclaimer: we were treated to a complimentary meal to help launch the new restaurant. Fred sez he’d eat everything off the grill menu so he trusts our review.




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