***CLOSED***Food Review: Fazzi, 65 Cambridge Street Glasgow G3 6QX

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow

Once an institution…should now be institutionalised!

Fazzi is an Italian restaurant with a cafe atmosphere – too many tables close together. The floor tiles reminded us of the type in the subway before it was modernised, or a public toilet…but a large image of Venice’s Piazza San Marco merged into Burano graces the wall to brighten things up.

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow
Venetian decor

Mrs Foodie has fond memories of eating here as a child, as well as visiting their Clyde Street shop, all in the past now, so time to visit anew!

We booked a Groupon deal for dinner. With the deal came 2 glasses of wine, we opted for the white, which was a standard fare Pinot Grigio and perfectly drinkable.

The 4 tables beside us all arrived after us yet all received food before us so we gave staff “THE FACE”. “Could I check your order?” asked the waitress, it seemed our order never went through so we were offered free bread or olives as an apology!

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow
Stale Italian bread with thankfully soft Lockerbie butter

We opted for the former and 3 slices of chewy white bread arrived for us to fight over – or not as it was a bit stale, still at least it came with Lockerbie butter…So we asked for it to be toasted. Not a prob as it was whisked away…

Our food finally appeared a full hour after we arrived and our toast wasn’t far behind.

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow
Risotto Alla Fazzi – italian sausage, peppers, onions in a red wine and tomato sauce

Risotto all Fazzi £10.20

Garlicky, which was good and a strong tomato taste from the sauce but it didn’t look too appealling and was actually overcooked and stodgy – even for a risotto. Also came with a pointless salad.

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow
Fettuccini Parmigano – chicken, broccoli, onions and Parmesan in a white wine and cream sauce

Fettuccine parmigiano £9.70

Watery sauce lay at the base of the bowl like a soup.  No cream/wine taste at all. With the bland, tasteless watery chicken, overcooked pasta this dish was left.

The waitress offered us two free coffees made by herself(!) with a biscuit each to make up for it so we gave her an opportunity to make amends.

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow

She tried, but both coffees were sadly watery…even the macchiato, under the foam top, tasted like it had been diluted with water.

The ladies’ toilet also stank of mould and the hand dryers are so old that they may possibly be of historic importance. To think Dinos shut down but this place is still here…(though half the size of what it used to be).

We don’t think any of the staff have eaten in Italy, much less hailed from there. Luckily this was a Groupon deal so not much expense was spared…

Fazzi italian restaurant Glasgow
Outside Fazzi


+ there is a door to leave

– they forgot about our food
– they then gave us our food
– stale bread
– toilet hand dryers were once featured on Time Team
– coffee beans MIA
– childhood memories ruined!

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Mr Foodie

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  1. ananyah

    awful awful awful

    I’ve never eaten in Fazzi’s before but I’ve always been intrigued as it’s next to Banana Leaf. Good to know I’m not missing much lol

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