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Heavyweight Byron enter Glasgow’s Burger Scene

This review is a mixture of visits as we were at the press night and then The Colonel said he wanted a Byron burger as he hadn’t had one since last visiting London.   So two trips in one week – hurrah! That, of course, should let you know where the review lies – we haven’t returned to any of the other burger chains since visiting and we could spend all day moaning about chains, however, they do the job in that things should be consistent so you know exactly what you’re getting…anyway…

We have visited Byron in Manchester before and enjoyed it.  The Glasgow setting is much nicer.  The seating is a mixture of school chairs and booths with various sizes of tables for couples or work group lunches.



To start off we ordered some Buffalo chicken wings (6 for £4.50) with blue cheese dip  small wings, sweet spicy coating, creamy blue cheese dip.

Byron_.proper_hamburgers_buffalo_wingsThey were that good, we had to order some more, we did have some friends joining!  Would recommend ordering these.

Mr Foodie attacked the beer list to update his untapped check-ins. Beavertown Holy Cowbell India Stout (£4.95 5.6%) 330ml can.  A thin head, black. A bit fizzy and tastes like cola mixed with coffee.  Whilst Mrs Foodie ordered the calorie busting sounding Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake (£4.95).  Don’t order the milkshake if you fancy dessert, its huge.   Deliciously creamy and just like drinking Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.


With the wings munched it was time for some more food.

Mr Foodie ordered the special Bunzilla, from the land of the rising bun. Banzai!


A 6oz soy-glazed patty, topped with miso-roasted bacon and an onion ring for crunch and sweetness, plus a dab of wasabi mayonnaise, all atop a bed of shredded white cabbage, served in a classic squishy bun. The taste of wasabi hits you right away but it’s not too intense, in fact it’s quite mild but still noticeable.

Byron_hamburger_friesMrs Foodie picked Cheese which is a 6oz hamburger: choose from mature Cheddar, Freddar (TM) cheese, American, Monterey Jack, blue cheese or Emmenthal. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise (£8.25) Freddar (TM) is an extra 0.35 which we opted for, made with Gran Padano, Mature Cheddar and Montery Jack this is strong stuff.  The meaty and perfectly pink burger is chargrilled to perfection.  Love it.


Courgette Fries £3.50.  A way to pretend you are being good.  Moist courgette surrounding in a tasty polenta batter.

Byron_Hamburger_mac_and_CheeseMac and Cheese £3.95.  A good helping of Mac and Cheese for a side.  Cheesy and thick. Not watery and lacking in cheesy flavour.

The beer selection is good, although many of the beers can be found elsewhere nowadays.  Drinks are served in chilled glasses which is good if drinking a soft drink or water but it dulls the aroma and taste of the beers they sell, especially the hoppy ones.

Overall, a good burger, sometimes overly-friendly service with too much “excellent choice sir”, pleasant surroundings and clean toilets downstairs.

Bonus if you can spot all the cows hidden in the restaurant.


+ small but highly tasty wings
+ tasty burgers
+ good beer selection
+ clean toilets

– hipsters may like a chilled beer glass but you ain’t going to get the full hop hit from your expensive IPA!
– servers often try a bit too hard




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