Eat 17 – Bacon Jam & Cowboy Jam and some Spruce syrup

Starting out as condiments used at the Eat 17 restaurant, the bacon jam range has now expanded to Cowboy Jam as well as others.

We had seen the bacon jam before and bought a jar but hadn’t opened it when we received a jar of Cowboy Jam in this months box of goodies in the post from Flavourly. This extra jar pushed us into action.

Bacon jam cowboy jam eat 17

The bacon jam is made with bacon, coffee, whisky and onions, the Cowboy Jam has the added ingredients of smoke flavour and molasses. Initially devised for burgers, we tried this as an accompaniment to bratwurst and potatoes.

Bratwurst potatoes bacon jam cowboy jam spruce syrup

They both went really well with both potatoes and bratwurst, adding a smokey flavour. We both found the cowboy jam to be the more enjoyable ( sweeter?) although must try the bacon jam on a burger. They would go well with hot dogs too.

We picked up,the spruce syrup on holiday last year and meant to try it over Christmas.

We dipped the sausages into the syrup, it’s really sweet and would make an excellent glaze on a roast such as chicken or duck.

I’ve since read that it makes a lovely drink diluted with water or a cocktail with gin.

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