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Search for the grossest food in the world

Are you brave enough to visit what must be the smelliest and most repulsive museum we have ever been into? This is not your usual, typical museum as at the Disgusting Food Museum in Berlin, you can see, smell and even taste some foods you have probably never wanted to eat!

Find out what foods are considered disgusting worldwide and what country eats the grossest food. There are some really horrible things here, things you’d have thought no human would ever eat. Eew.

From mouse wine, made with lots of dead baby mice or course, to a bull’s penis via a drink garnished with a sheep eye, it’s all here and if you want to take something disgusting home with you, there’s a shop as well. It’s almost worth visiting just for the admission ticket…a sick bag!

Casu Marzu is sure to catch your eye. It’s a Sardinian speciality made by cutting the rind off of sheep-milk cheese and allowing maggots to nibble and soften the centre. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we cannot tell you if the cheese is softer and tastier than it would be as this cheese is illegal to sell in the EU and you also need to chew the live maggots before swallowing! Urgh!

Note: most of the exhibits are models, like you might find in the window of a restaurant in Japan, so no mice were hurt in the following pic.

Another interesting specimen was baby mouse wine. Rice wine with hairless and blind baby mice who are drowned in the wine. The wine is said to be a healthy tonic and good for asthma and liver diseases. I’ll stick to my inhaler, thanks.

Here is a look at some other enticing specimens.

At the end of your museum visit, there is a tasting bar, where you can taste crickets, bugs, mealworms and the tame-sounding salted liquorice.

Mark took it for the team and had a munch of all the delicacies.

Watch the video below to see his reactions.

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If you enjoyed them, you can also buy some in their shop. We settled for some natural flavoured cola, as it was a toasty day, however, you can buy bug chocolate and bug lollipops, as well as insect crackers, washed down with some Bibergeil – a drink made with beaver sacs (used in combination with urine to scent their territory)!

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Fed up with bugs? Have some currywurst!

Curry 36 Currywurst best in Berlin


A fun and educational way to spend some time. Certainly makes you think what is seen as disgusting in some countries can be seen as delicious in others.

Opening Hours

Friday to Tuesday 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

Entry Price

Adults: €12

Children and young people (6 to 18 years): €7

Free entrance for infants (0 to 5 years)

Family ticket (2 adults with up to 3 children): €30

Where is Disgusting Food Museum Berlin

70 Schützenstraße, Berlin

How to get to the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin by public transport


U2 – Mohrenstrasse (Berlin)
U6 – Stadtmitte or Kochstrasse (Checkpoint Charlie)


M29 – Charlottenstrasse (Berlin)
200 – Stadtmitte/Leipziger Strasse
265 – Stadtmitte/Krausenstrasse (Berlin)

Disclaimer: we received free entry to the musuem




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