Christmas tree greens at Waitrose

Get the kids to eat their greens this Christmas

Romanesco Cauliflower Christmas ‘Trees’ will launch in branches of Waitrose this week.

These cute and healthy edible Christmas trees come with pomegranate seeds and a star anise for you to recreate your very own mini edible Christmas tree.

Waitrose Christmas tree caulieflower

Mrs Foodie is a HUGE fan of cauliflower, so we’ll be sure to be buying these jewelled Christmas “trees” .  Waitrose Christmas tree caulieflower

The Romanesco cauliflower trees are designed to be roasted in the oven, then decorated with pomegranate seeds, drizzled with orange dressing and topped with a star anise (all provided in the £3.49 pack).

Cute, quirky and festive!

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