Death of AA Gill

AA Gill death

 A eulogy for the Sunday Times critic

As it seems to be the case this year, I opened up Facebook to see that another person whom I admired had passed away.

I knew about AA Gill from his reputation as an entertaining but scathing restaurant critic.  However, I didn’t read The Sunday Times until moving to London in the early naughties.  From then on I became an avid reader, flicking directly to Table Talk to read his thoughts on that week’s restaurant.  He was witty, charming, scathing and deadly. A lethal combination as it is without being a writer.

I didn’t know Mr Gill.  His columns were entertaining and respected.  He pioneered the movement of the non-trained chef or writer writing about food.   He said what he thought honestly about the places he visited, serving a main of sarcasm with a side of praise.

I’ll miss reading his charismatic wit.

Mrs Foodie


On Starbucks:

“Asking Americans to make coffee is like asking them to draw a map of the world”.

On gastropubs:

“Food and pubs go together like frogs and lawnmowers”

Read AA Gill here

AA Gill death

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