Review: Heston’s Chocolate Sprout from Waitrose

heston blumenthal waitrose sprout dessert

Brussels sprouts for dessert?

Now that’s something that would put a chill up anyone’s spine this Christmas.  Heston Blumenthal has worked his magic to turn what can be the most divisive part of a traditional Christmas dinner into a dish everyone will, or should love – a giant ‘sprout’ filled with profiteroles. Available at Waitrose, the Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’ seeks to appeal to even the most vehement sprout haters.

The new dessert has a green chocolate dome shell which, when drizzled with warmed salted caramel sauce, melts to reveal 18 green profiteroles ‘sprouts’ filled with a lime-flavoured Crème Patissiere. It looks just like sprouts and gravy but without the sprouts or the gravy!

heston blumenthal waitrose sprout dessert

At £16 for the dessert, is it worth it?  We went along to Waitrose and got one to try to see for ourselves.

heston blumenthal waitrose sprout dessert

It’ an unusual dessert to say the least.  At least it will be something you’ll remember this Christmas!  We put the salted caramel sauce into the microwave and when ready, poured it onto the sprout. Looking just like gravy poured over a HUGE sprout – it was a bit strange and the top of the sprout eventually dissolved away…

Inside the big sprout were lots of little sprouts, well profiterole sprouts.  Not only did it look strange, I thought it tasted a bit strange too.  Was it just because it was green? I love sprouts so I don’t think it was that, and actually, some of the sprouts were seeping blue food colouring which made it look ever weirder!  I think it was mostly the lime patisserie filling, which was a bit too tart but at the same time didn’t really taste of actual lime so it made me do that face people who don’t like sprouts make, even though I er, do love them!  Mr Foodie, however, munched away quite happily.  Maybe a sprout with a piece of chocolate would taste good?  Nope, still too sour for me even with the sweet chocolate.

heston blumenthal waitrose sprout dessert

Unusual and different, but not something I would rush out to buy and at £16 it is a bit of a gamble as to whether everyone at the table would even enjoy it!


+ Fun
+ Different
– Too much sour lime for Mrs Foodie
– Expensive




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