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Buzzing about Glasgow

We’ve been following the success story that is Plan Bee for a while, and glad to hear that they are in the news again.  More than 120,000 bees have taken up residence on the roof of Glasgow City Council headquarters.

Council leader Gordon Matheson “Bees are exceptionally important to the food chain. They pollinate a third of the food we eat and also pollinate trees which help reduce air pollution by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Sadly their numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years so Sustainable Glasgow is doing its bit to help reverse that decline by installing these two hives.

I hope the bees will flourish in their new homes and help us ensure Glasgow remains a dear green place for generations to come.”

Warren Bader plan bee ltd food and drink Glasgow blog

Warren Bader of Plan Bee Ltd said: “Glasgow is a fantastic garden city with a lot of green spaces including Glasgow Green, Kelvingrove Park and the riverside.

There is a lot of buddleia which bees love and they can actually be safer in a city than in the countryside where a lot of farmers use pesticides and can plant mono cultures which isn’t healthy for pollen production.

The bees will go out foraging across Glasgow and in a good summer could produce plenty of honey.

You can adopt a bee at Plan Bee from £1

Warren Bader plan bee ltd food and drink Glasgow blog

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