Bella Napoli, Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands – Oct 2008

We specifically asked for a window seat as there were 2 free but we were told “No” because there was only 2 of us and the window seats were kept for groups of 4 people, the booths were also taken so instead we were sandwiched between 2 other couples on the floor. Minus point #1.

The menu had changed since our last visit. For starters we shared the Antipasto (£7.95). It was ok, but to be honest the Antipasti we sampled in Bella Fresca,
see was far cheaper, larger and tastier. Minus point #2

For mains we went for the tried and tested Spaghetti carbonara (£8.50) and five cheese agnolotti (£8.95). Both dishes tasted fine, though for the price a few more agnolotti slices would’ve helped. Minus point #3. These were washed down with a white wine from the Orvieto region.

For desert, 3 scoops of Lemon sorbet with limoncello (£5.95), to be honest though, the lemon sorbet from Soave’s is (a) nicer and (b) cheaper. Italian Poached Pears, poached in prosecco wine & cinnamon. Served with ice cream & honey (£5.95) No taste of prosecco, just tasted like syrupy sauce 🙁 Minus point #4 Grand total was over £50 and I was still hungry! Minus point #5

Overall, a disappointing visit to a place that has supplied good meals in the past. Oh, and as we left all 4 window tables were taken. Each one was occupied by only 2 persons. Minus point #6!!! Grr! I shan’t be back in a hurry!

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  1. trolley boy
    07/01/2009 / 8:24 am
    Couldnt agree more with that review. That peeash about booths only being for groups of 4 really rattles my onions. Places you might like to visit for impeccable service Barbarosa in Cathcart and newly opened Merrylee Road(used to be Napoleans)
  2. jfm
    11/09/2009 / 6:20 pm
    Was charged £1.75 each for 4 glasses of milk - £7!!!. On complaining was told other customers were happy to pay it????!!. Said it was hardly the point.No refund and never going back. ever. total rip off.and pint of peroni at £4.75 is glasgow hilton prices. forget this place.
  3. margherita muller
    07/12/2009 / 8:08 am
    Bella Napoli has the 'authentic' word slapped on the front. I do not think their food is particularly authentic. They have even made up Italian dishes... when asked the question 'what is this made of' they came up with stuff I'd never heard of. I have moved from Rome to Glasgow ten years ago, and some of the things on the menu simply do not exist, but they try to pass it for typical regional etc.. Food is always good and fresh but it tends to overrate itself. Beside, I had to go back because an Italian lady I visit wanted to go there and she said the place had changed too much and it was not Italian anymore. I'd rather take her to other places that do not pretend to be authentic and charge accordingly.
  4. davy2win
    29/09/2010 / 11:44 am
    Having attended at Bella Napoli for lunch this week I can only say that I was slightly disappointed. We, my wife and I, viewed the 2 courses for £7.95 lunch time special and found that there was not a great variety on this menu. Spag Bol if you wished a meaty variety was all that was on offer.Maybe even some bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to nibble on while waiitng for our order.Started off with antipasti which was disappointing not nearly enough. Parma ham literally stretched over the plate to make it appear there was enough.Main meal which we bought from the menu and not speacial menu was also disappointing as the portion size appeared to relate to specials menu. If Im paying full price then I expect a full plate/bowl of Chicken Alfredo with Penne.Would I go back? Only if I was offered a free meal.As for prive of pint of Peroni don`t get me started £4.95, day light robbery.
  5. marley
    22/03/2011 / 1:11 pm
    Fine for what it is; friendly, local, reliable italian (even if not authentic, or regional) and a major plus point for me being that they sell salsiccia from the deli counter.

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