Food review: Kervan Palace, 61 Bridge Street, Glasgow, G5 9JB *CLOSED*

Sarbeni Lahmacun Kervan palace Glasgow turkish

Just across the Clyde in a curious section of street that boasts a Rangers pub, an Egyptian restaurant, an African social club and one of Glasgow’s best real ale pubs you will also find Kervan Palace.

Kervan palace Glasgow turkish

This place used to be the Mirch Masala with the Disneyish font, which always looked busy then suddenly closed. We’d been past here many times and thought that the size had shrunk considerably and that it was now just a takeaway joint.

Inside Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Inside front eating area

But it actually has two seating areas, a take-away / informal café style area at the entrance serving a mixed selection of Turkish food and European fare with more formal seating, and perhaps a more Turkish menu, at the back behind the wall.

Menu Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
The menu

A mixed selection of stuff as you can see. We almost had the place to ourselves and were given ample time to make our selections whilst Turkish football played in the background – there’s a TV in the café area and I believe multiple TVs are wheeled out here when a big game is on!

Drinks menu Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Drinks Menu

To drink we wanted fresh mint tea but there was none so we had Lemon mint instead (teabag) which was very pleasant and a bit different – it also came with 3 sugars!

Borek Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Borek £3.95

Borek – light crisp filo pastry parcels, not as hefty as the borek that we’ve had in Germany or the Balkans.

Sarbeni Lahmacun Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Sarbeni / Lahmacun £3.00

Sarbeni with salad coated in tart fruity sumac – I love sumac!

Lamb Shish Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Lamb shish £9.95

Lamb shish – the lamb was a bit overcooked and tough. Sumac on salad to make up for it!

Turkish bread Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Turkish bread Kervan palace Glasgow (no charge)

Hard bread.

Lemon and mint tea Kervan palace Glasgow turkish
Lemon and mint tea £1.95

Total cost £20.80. Kervan Palace was decent for the money – we didn’t have particularly high expectations as we were expecting greasy kebabs so we were happy enough with what we had and the only guy who seemed to be working was friendly and pleasant. Toilets were clean.

Next door there’s a Turkish bakery called “Party cakes” (takeaway only), we popped in here afterwards for borek, this time of the curdy cheese variety. They have a fare selection of cake and do a cake and coffee deal.

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