5 tasty Alcohol free beers for New Year

Alcohol free beer

Not everyone will be drinking this New Year, however foregoing taste is something you shouldn’t do with beer so here are 5 beers which are no alcohol or low alcohol to celebrate without losing the taste of beer.

Alcohol free beer
1. Nix Alcohol Free Wheat Beer – WEST Brewery.

This hefeweizen doesn’t lose out in taste when losing it’s alcohol.

Alcohol free beer

2. Erdinger Weizen Alkoholfrei, 0.5%

The Kings of wheat beer, Erdinger, have produced a worthy alcohol free version.  Sweet banana tasting with a malty hit.

Alcohol free beer
3.  M&S Low Alcohol Czech Lager, 0.5%

Staropramen brew this one for Marks and Spencer. Pils-like with a light taste. If you like a light Lager, this one is for you.

Alcohol free beer

4. Schneider Weisse Mein Alkoholfreies, 0.5%

Another good wheat beer here. A full and rounded beer with a slight malty taste.

Alcohol free beer

5.  Franziskaner Alkoholfrei, 0.5%

Another wheat beer, and not surprisingly German.  It’s as if they know how to make beer tasty, even without alcohol in it!




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    Tristan Rothwell (@WFTristan)
    I love the Erdinger but it is quite a fizzy beer - Schneider Weisse was one of my favourites before i gave up booze 6 years ago - The alcoholic version delivers an amazing hangover ! - My current favourite non alco beer is "Nanny State" from Brew Dog - Most people would be very hard pushed to tell it was alco free if they didnt know Tristan

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