5 Stranger Things you didn’t know about Eggos

5 things about Eggos

We’ve just binged on Stranger Things and if, like us, you had no idea what Eggos were then read on to find out more about Eleven’s favourite food.

Stranger things eggos eleven

1. Waffles

These strangely-named creations are waffles, made to be plucked out of the freezer and placed into a toaster for a quick breakfast. Invented by the Dorsa brothers in 1953, you will find them in Canada, Mexico and USA.

Stranger things eggos eleven

 3. Post-war American love of frozen food

Freezers and frozen food were the in-thing post-war.  To keep on top of the market the Dorsas’ would need to come up with frozen waffles – but how to do this? Frank Dorsa worked his brain magic to create a machine that would cook multiple waffles without the pain of pouring in the exact amount of batter by hand and watching them cook.

With their new machine, unlimited waffles could be made – more Eggos!

Stranger things eggos eleven
Credit Netflix

4. They weren’t originally called Eggos

Originally called “Froffles”, frozen waffles, customers started calling them Eggos due to their eggy taste. The name caught on and was officially changed in 1955.
Stranger things eggos eleven

5. Kellogg’s take Eggos nation-wide

In the 1970’s Kellogg’s bought the brand and took Eggos nationwide and made Eggos an American classic.

Stranger things eggos eleven

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