Atholl Palace, Pitlochry – Feb 2012

Gorgeous palace of a hotel, real fires, impressive building, sweeping views and then…….

you get to the restaurant.  Very slow service, food was bland the only saving grace was the view 🙁

Highland Haggis £6.25, some dippage would have gone nice with this, however a good dollop of haggis which was flavoursome.

Pate or mush, no taste at all, Thankfully the jam with it gave it some taste, not much tho and at £6.50 a little steep.


Nice soda bread (well scone), more dill would have been good.  Salmon was ok, still a bit oily for my liking £7.00

Fish was actually very nice, good change to get breadcrumbs.  Chips average frozen tasting fare. £11

Nice decor, bland, overpriced food with very slow service.   Just as well it was a cheap deal but certainly won’t be back.

Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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