Taps Oan – Old Stag Inn Takeover and fundraiser for Yorkhill


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We will be holding a raffle in aid of Yorkhill,

Prizes include


A tour of the brewery followed by a tutored tasting of a selection of their house beers, 1 pint of award winning ST. MUNGO lager and a 3 course meal from  set menu. Prize for two people.


Boxed Gift set of Crystal beer from Houston Brewery



Case of 12 Ola Dubh Beers


5 litre mini cask of Rune

Selection of six Sulwath Brewery beers in bottle carrybag donated by Food and Drink Glasgow.

 Free Food from Nikkis Snacks

Beers confirmed are:-

Anchor                   Porter                                     5.6%              BOTTLE

                                  Steam Beer                            4.9%              BOTTLE

                                  Summer Beer                        4.5%              BOTTLE

Arran                      Blonde                                     5.0%              PINT


Cromarty               Brewed Awakening             4.7%              BOTTLE

                                  Happy Chappy                      4.1%              BOTTLE

                                  Red Rocker                            5%                  BOTTLE

                                  Rogue Wave                           5.7%              BOTTLE

Dark Star               American Pale Ale              4.7%              PINT

                                  Hophead                                 3.8%              PINT 

                                  Partridge                              4%                   PINT

Fallen                      Grapevine                              5.4%              BOTTLE

Fyne Ales               Highlander                            4.8%              PINT

                                  Hurricane Jack                    4.4%              BOTTLE

                                  Maverick                                4.2%              PINT

                                  Sanda Blonde                        5.5%              BOTTLE

                                  Sanda Black                          5.5%              BOTTLE

                                  Zombier                                  6.9%              BOTTLE

Harviestoun          Ola Dubh 18                          8%                  BOTTLE       

Houston                  American Pale Ale              3.7%              PINT

Magic Rock            Canonball                              7.4%              PINT

Thornbridge         Jaipur                                     5.9%              PINT             

WEST                       Munich Red                           4.9%              PINT             

Williams                 Alba                                         7.5%              BOTTLE

                                  Birds and Bees                      4.3%              BOTTLE

                                  Caesar Augustus                  4.1%              BOTTLE

                                  Cock O’ the walk                  4.3%              BOTTLE

                                  Ebulum                                   6.5%              BOTTLE

                                  Fraoch                                     5%                  BOTTLE

                                  Grozet                                     5%                  BOTTLE

                                  Harvest Sun                          3.9%              BOTTLE

                                  Kelpie                                      4.4%              BOTTLE

                                  March of the Penguins      5%                  BOTTLE

                                  Midnight Sun                      5.6%              BOTTLE

                                  Prodigal Sun                         4.1%              BOTTLE

                                  Seven Giraffes                      5.1%              BOTTLE

                                  Black                                       4.4%              BOTTLE

                                  Celidh 90                               4.7%              BOTTLE

                                  Red                                           4.3%              BOTTLE

                                  Roisin                                    4.2%              BOTTLE

Wynchwood          Hobgoblin                              5.2%              BOTTLE



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