Heston at The Perfectionists’ Cafe, Heathrow Terminal 2

In search of…decent airport food I forgot how long a journey on the tube feels, especially when you have no internet to play with. I…

Review: Heston’s Chocolate Sprout from Waitrose

Brussels sprouts for dessert? Now that’s something that would put a chill up anyone’s spine this Christmas.  Heston Blumenthal has worked his magic to turn what…

The Fat Duck reopens 29th September

After a 9 month migration to Melbourne, Australia The Fat Duck in Bray is back home. The Fat Duckenters its 21st year in existence with…

The Hinds Head, Bray – April 2011

If it was good enough for Prince Philip’s stag do it was good enough for the birthday boy. Surprised to be able to book a…


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