Recipe: The best scrambled eggs

Best scrambled eggs

How to make the best scrambled eggs, ever

There’s a saying “teaching your gran to suck eggs” , I did and I wasn’t very popular with my gran when I said that I thought her scrambled eggs were watery and horrid.   She took it well, I think, as whenever  I stayed over,  a pot and egg were left for me to cook my own!  Poor gran.

Once you have tried making your scrambled eggs this way, you’ll never look back. No more sticky pans, watery eggs and rubbery taste here.  Instead, creamy, buttery and soft eggs.

Start with fresh eggs.  But the best you can get, you’ll notice the difference in the colour.

Best scrambled eggs recipe

Whip them good, gets lots of air in there for a light and fluffy mix.

Keep it low.  Don’t put the stove on high.  A low, gentle heat.

Use butter. Do it, you know it tastes better.

Start with a knob of butter in a non stick pan.

Best scrambled eggs recipe

Once the butter has melted, add the very well-beaten eggs.  Let them sit for a second.

Using your spatula, push the eggs around from one side to the other in a sweeping movement. Make waves of scrambled egg,

Best scrambled eggs Keep doing this for a couple of minutes to ensure all the egg has been cooked.  The eggs will be ready when they’ve are slightly runny and set in places.

Move the scrambled egg onto a plate.  The eggs will continue to cook in their own heat.

Season to taste.

Best scrambled eggs

No milk – just eggs and butter.


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