Product Review: Turmelicious Turmeric Drink

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Turmelicious Turmeric drink

Turmeric is much more than an ingredient in a curry.  It’s been widely recognised as beneficial to health, being used in ayurvedic and traditional eastern medicines.

Curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric, is said to reduce inflammation with the possibility of reducing pain and swelling in people with arthritis.

Other health benefits said to come from turmeric include the treatment of heartburn, diarrhoea, stomach bloating, colds, fibromyalgia and depression.

However, most studies are based on a dose of at least 1 gram per day of turmeric, which unless you’re eating a curry a day isn’t likely to be an average day’s dose!

We tried out some Turmelicious to see if we could up our turmeric intake via a non-curried and hopefully delicious way!

The drink comes in four flavoured sachets: Vanilla, Ginger, Choco Latte and Chilli Choc.  Myself and Mr C tried the vanilla and choco latte flavours one afternoon.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Turmelicious is an instant hot drink of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, a hint of black pepper, and coconut blossom nectar.  So there’s no need to measure out all the ingredients as it’s all there in the sachet for you.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Each sachet contains all the ingredients for one drink. Just open, add to a mug, add hot water and stir. Easy and simple.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

The vanilla still packed a curried taste.  It was like a strong milky chai tea.  I would have liked more vanilla taste myself, however it was sweet enough and tasty.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Mr C picked the Choco latte.  This one had a strong chocolate taste with a curry background.  I think I preferred this one as the curry flavour wasn’t as overpowering and worked well with the chocolate.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Overall, these drinks would be great for pre-bedtime/snuggling up in bed to read a book or chilling out after a hard day at work or you could even start the day with one of these soothing drinks.

According to Turmelicious, the vanilla and ginger flavours are free from dairy, caffeine, preservatives, GMO products, nuts, eggs and gluten.

Turmelicious can be found online where the retail price is £6.95 for a 200g pack and £1 for the 20g sample pack.

Edit: ***there’s a competition to win all 4 200g packs of Turmelicious RRP £27 here***

Disclaimer: we were sent free Turmelicious for the purposes of writing this review.

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