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Product Review: Tefal Cheese Cave

Did you know that we love cheese so much we have a cheese “cave”?  If only it was a real cave located in France or somewhere nice for a holiday as you couldn’t do much spelunking in this cave, or perhaps more aptly preserver, which might just look like glorified Tupperware but it could actually be an ideal gift for the foodie in your life.

Tefal cheese preserver review

We love all sorts of cheese, many of which are smelly but we don’t like the waft of stinky cheese every time we open the fridge, or the thought of it affecting other items nearby.  This gadget keeps unwanted odours contained within the box.

Tefal cheese preserver review
Some very stinky cheese

You also really shouldn’t keep cheese in cling film as it makes it “sweat”. The Tefal cheese cave has a micro-porous filter which regulates humidity, allowing cheese to mature naturally but not dry out.  The filter dial helps you regulate the cheese’s texture and flavour to suit the cheese type (i.e. soft or hard) so you shouldn’t mix too many different types of cheeses in one box. If you prefer to have a wide selection of cheese styles then individual boxes might be better suited to you (see more on that below).

Tefal cheese preserver review

This is the large size, Which is like a big ice-cream tub size. If you like cheese this is no problem to fill, but will take a chunk out of your fridge. However for cheese fiends, the cave will take pride of place!


We got ours from Amazon (see above). It cost around £13. There is a miniature model which only holds one cheese at a time but it was actually dearer! For mega cheese fanatics you can also get one about twice this size for £24.

This isn’t a sponsored post or any of that gubbins, we just love cheese and wanted to spread the word about this new discovery!

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