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ibiza ice fruit wine cocktail

Walking on sunshine. Dancing on Ice

It’s winter, it’s dull and summer seems like a world away but you’re dreaming of cold drinks in the sunshine already right?  So what to do?  Well, we popped open some Ibiza Ice, cranked up the heating and lounged beach-like in our living room.

What is it?

Ibiza Ice is a fruit alcopop type spritzer.  Light on calories (half the calories of wine) but lots of fruity taste.  There are two flavours, ‘White Isle’ (lychee, melon, and lime, 44.4 calories per 100ml) and ‘Sunset’ (pomegranate, 42.2 calories per 100ml).  Both of them are 5.5% alcohol and are lower in calories than champagne, wine and cider. I’ll drink to that!

ibiza ice fruit wine cocktail

How it went down

With flip-flops and painted nails (only Mrs Foodie I hasten to add) and some orange slices and ice for the glass, we dived in.  The bottles are aluminium, so we didn’t need to chill it.  This should help in the summer but maybe not so much in January!  No need to worry about a bottle opener either as the bottles come with a sturdy and easy-to-open ring pull.

The flavours

First up Ibiza Ice Sunset.  A sparkling fruit wine with pomegranate.  There’s no mistaking the pomegranate here and a light summer taste is just what we needed.  I could see this going down well at a music festival, BBQ or picnic.

ibiza ice fruit wine cocktailNext up Ibiza Ice White Isle. Recommended with lime but we had none to add so we for orange again, however, this worked well with the refreshing mix of sparkling wine, lychee and melon.

ibiza ice fruit wine cocktail

The Ibiza Ice White Isle tasted like it would be perfect for a girls’ night in, some pre-club drinks or for a long train journey maybe heading to that hen do?  LIght and sparkly with fruity flavours but not too sweet.


Light and refreshing alcoholic drinks and if we closed our eyes enough we were back in the Mediterranean.  Perfect for summer and for nights when you wish it was summer!

Find out more at

You can find Ibiza Ice on sale at Spar in Scotland and online at  Drink Supermarket and Amazon.


Disclaimer: we received one of each Ibiza Ice flavour for free but weren’t bribed with money. Fred would’ve had to unleash his claws if we’d done that (the only bribes he accepts are Dreamies and catnip!).

fred purr of honour


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