Product Review: Homepride Smoky Mac and Cheese

Homepride smoky Mac and cheese pasta bake sauce review

Review of Homepride Smoky Mac and Cheese

Being the mac and cheese addicts that we are, we couldn’t pass by this Homepride Smoky Mac and Cheese pasta bake sauce without adding it to the trolly.  How I wish we hadn’t.

Homepride smoky Mac and cheese pasta bake sauce review

As well as smoky there’s a spicy version. I fear how bland that tastes.  I wasn’t expecting much for 2 for £2 or £1.80 each but maybe some cheese???

A look at the ingredients… 2% cheese 😭

Homepride smoky Mac and cheese pasta bake sauce review

To the cooking…

Quick and easy it says…

Preheat your oven (180°C/Gas Mark 4/Fan 160°C).

Cook 200g dry macaroni until soft then drain and transfer back into the pan.

Add the pouch of sauce, 50g grated mature cheddar cheese and 75ml semi-skimmed milk and stir until the pasta is coated well.(So basically make a sort of cheese sauce!!)

Transfer into a 1.5L shallow ovenproof dish and top with another 50g grated mature cheddar cheese. (Add more cheese as you sure as heck won’t taste any from the sachet)

Bake uncovered, for 25 minutes until bubbling and golden.

Homepride smoky Mac and cheese pasta bake sauce review

The Mac and cheese comes out of the oven looking OK, if a little greasy. We give it a go…

Homepride smoky Mac and cheese pasta bake sauce review

Hmm fake smoky plastic cheese flavour and smell….. my favourite.  That greasy look…in the taste as well.  Not impressed at all.  Even with extra cheese, crispy onions and even a dash of hot sauce to give it some taste.  A waste of calories.






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  1. aisha muhammed

    can i just say im glad this review exists!!!

    i finished dinner thinking what the hell was up with the taste! bland and no flavour at all, regret buying it so much ugh

    1. S Higginson

      I am disgusted with this product it is bland and except for the sickening artificial flavour and smell. As it cost £1.50+ for this revolting sauce and I’d already cooked the macaroni, I tried to improve it with onions and tomatoes which fortunately I had already, plus of course all the cheese but it was still a waste of time and money, If homepride spent as much time and money on the contents as they do on the packaging – which at first glance gives the impression of a quick pouring sauce over macaroni, but you still have to add milk and grate loads of cheese. Disgusting waste of money and time.

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