Food review: Spitfire Espresso, 127 Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow

It’s all about the coffee (and eggs)

Spitfire Espresso is one those places I keep returning to and meaning to write about but never do.  I feel that I’ll never do it justice trying to write about one visit when a mix of the last six could do.  So here goes, attempting to write about one lunch, and not the rest!

Spitfire Espresso is on a perfect spot, the corner of Ingram Street and Candleriggs making it within lunchtime walking distances for myself and Mr Foodie so we end up there often (it used to be the box of DELIghts – the place which always had whisky in golf ball-shaped bottles and vodka covered in sequins or draped in limited edition furry jackets in the window!).

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow

Inside, the bright walls, friendly patter and  classic tunes whisk you away from the cold outside.

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow menu

The menu is, like the cafe, compact and focuses mainly on egg-based dishes.  I’m useless at choosing from large menus, and large menus usually equals bad food.  So a small menu meant a quick pick for each of us.

I choose the halloumi with veg which looked spectacularly colourful. Then I saw Mr Foodie’s poached egg and salmon bagel.

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow

I commented oooh that looks nice, which he knows is code for, go on swap!  And being the nice chap he is, he did (sucker!).

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow egg

Look at those eggs, wouldn’t you snaffle that?

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow menu

The salmon was delicious, not oily, not too smokey, which was topped off with some of the best poached eggs I’ve had in a while. (I’m easily egg’cited har har).

Mr Foodie’s halloumi bagel disappeared quickly.

Spitfire coffee merchant city Glasgow

Triple D was also with us and he had a pastrami sandwich which he thoroughly enjoyed.  A bit more pastrami would’ve made it heavenly but it was still a top sammich!

Spitfire Glasgow coffee

A couple of flat whites and a latte later and the plates were cleared. The cake selection looked tempting (they are worthy of purchasing based on previous visits) but we had already eaten cake at nearby Once upon a tart and felt fat enough as it was! They sell coffee cups and coffee to takeaway too (and branded baseball caps!). Toilets clean. Bonus points for the man behind the counter wearing a “Black Flag” T-shirt.


+ Great coffee
+ Great eggs
+ Great cakes
+ The atmosphere

– Couldn’t think of any negatives!


Spitfire Espresso, 127 Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1NP

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday:
8am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm

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