Mamasan One Night in Shanghai Review

mamasan at home one night in shanghai lobster

One night in Shanghai and the hungers over

Glasgow favourite Mamasan Bar & Brasserie (read about our visit here) are bringing their at-home dining experience to Edinburgh in addition to Glasgow so they asked us to try out their 4-course One Night in…Shanghai box which will be delivered throughout February.

one night in box

Four other South East Asian destinations are set to follow in the coming months giving you the chance to explore dishes and cocktails inspired by the authentic flavours, aromas and spices of that particular location with different mouth-watering set menus to cook at home.

Shanghai Menu

mamasan one night in menu

Snack – Lobster and prawn toast / burnt chilli sauce

Starter – Aromatic braised duck leg spring roll/hoisin sauce

Salad – Green papaya & carrot salad/sesame, soy and ginger dressing

Main – Sweet and sour Iberico pork/pineapple/banana shallots/dragon fruit

Side – Egg fried rice

Dessert – Asian pear sticky toffee pudding

Cocktail – Shang-hai-tea
(Green tea infused gin / lemon / peach infused chartreuse / lychee pearls / Sichuan pepper)

mamasan one night in shanghai allergies


one night in shanghai mamasan inside home delivery box

Here is everything, as it arrived, in our food delivery.

mamasan at home one night in shanghai lobster
Lobster and prawn toast / burnt chilli sauce.

Full of chunks of seafood, just watch out for the hot sauce, it’s lethal. Maybe keep some to dip into at the side of your plate until you get a handle on the heat.


mamasan duck spring rolls and cocktails

We attempted a Chef flourish to the plate which, to be honest, looks like a slug has wandered across the plate (oops, back to chef school for us) – note to self just add a dollop next time. This was a crispy, not oily, spring roll filled with duck and vegetable with plenty of dipping sauce to go around.

mamasan duck spring rolls
Aromatic braised duck leg spring roll/hoisin sauce

mamasan main course
Sweet and sour Iberico pork/pineapple/banana shallots/dragon fruit

mamasan sweet sour iberica pork

Dragon fruit is one of those fruits that looks great but doesn’t really taste of anything.  Well, we now know what to do with it as it went really well with the sweet and sour sauce, soaking up the flavours and providing some moisture and texture.  Alongside the peppers, shallots and pineapple, there was a lot going on, and thanks to the unexpected inclusion of edible flowers this became a very colourful dish indeed!

mamasan main course 2

mamasan dessert
Asian pear sticky toffee pudding with sweet toffee sauce.

Last, but no means least, Asian pear sticky toffee pudding with a sweet toffee sauce. A perfect sweet and sticky dessert with sliced pear for a bit of texture. This was demolished rather quickly.


This was an exceedingly easy cook-at-home experience.  Most of the items were just placed in the oven, so you can relax with your cocktail while it cooks.  The most stressful part was making the egg-fried rice (Mr Foodie’s first attempt), which you don’t need to do if you want just jasmine rice.  The timings were smooth and we didn’t feel that we were too stressed balancing the courses.  A bit like life at the moment, we took it slowly and enjoyed the whole experience.  Cooking the main course together added some us time and a bit of a chuckle as to two cooks round a cooker.

The garnishes added to the experience, you can go as fancy or as rustic as you want.  Sweet and Sour Pork isn’t our first choice for a sweet and sour but the chunks of pork were much better than we expected and heating it in the oven of course meant for a more relaxed evening.

Overall, it looked great and was fun to put together.  We’d go for this again. Thumbs up and full bellies.


How to order

Mamasan’s One Night In…experience boxes are made fresh to order. The service will be launching in Edinburgh from Friday 29th January with pre-orders available now.

Vegan options are available.

To pre-order Mamasan in Edinburgh for delivery on Friday 29th January, visit

Collection is also available from:

222 Ingram Street,
G1 3BX

mamasan shanghai cleo
Disclaimer: we did not pay for our delivery but Cleo was so impressed with not just the food but the box as well, so much so that she used it as a den after dinner. Paws up she says!


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