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Lunch at Côte Brasserie French casual dining in Glasgow

The Colonel has returned from his sojourn in Paris, refreshed and still eager to embrace some French casual dining.  Côte Brasserie was suggested for luncheon and after last month at The Social, we were hoping for lunch without DIY taking place would be a start!

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu Côte Brasserie is a chain which seems to be doing well in Glasgow. Tables filled up nicely over the hour, popular with ladies who lunch. Classic French bistro decor and swift service. We were here for the lunch time menu, of which there are two. One “normal” and one called Prestige. The dishes on the prestige menu won the that sounds good let’s try that.

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu

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Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu


Seafood Linguine, linguine pasta with prawns, mussels, clams and squid in a white wine, chilli, shallot and lobster jus.

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu

A healthy portion for lunch time.  Perfect amount of fish, a special mention for the squid – melt in the mouth, none of that rubbery stuff here. I didn’t  notice any chilli taste at all, more of a creamy tomato base, which was just what I needed.

The Colonel Up-sold himself to the rib eye steak with frites and garlic butter.

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu

Steak was cooked perfectly, chips were nice and crispy. Garlic butter I didn’t have much of but accompanied the steak well.

Desserts were Creme caramel and an apple and blackberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. Creme caramel was nice and custardy,  perfect taste and consistency.

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu A competent crumble was delivered, not as deep as expected, more of a spreading of crumble and fruit sauce. Tasty, but disappointing in comparison to the pasta dish.

Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu


Côte Brasserie is the kind of place that ticks many boxes.  From lunch with the girls, to a business meeting. The clientele are older here, it’s the kind of place that attracts customers who want to chat and hear each other!

An excellent standard of service here, the only downside being the kitchen staff bringing out the dishes and looking lost whilst waiting for waiting staff to place on the table.  In and out within the hour with two courses each.


+ good price for the quality of main courses.

+ suitably French ambience.

– up-selling and pressure to order drinks/sides.


Côte Brasserie
41-43 West Nile Street
G1 2PT

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Côte Brasserie glasgow prestige lunch menu

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