Is a tattie scone worth as much as a sausage?



Take part in Tennent’s #FOODSIE100

Is a tattie scone worth as much as a sausage? Tennent’s Lager animated duo Bobby and Paul discuss the most important meal of the day. Breakfast.  Will trying to pull a fast one place you low on the #FOODSIE100?

Each piece of a fry up is compared to the FTSE100, assigning values to the various components and suggesting how they can be traded against each other. The “heavyweights”  are bacon, sausage to the “plate moisture” beans. You would NEVER swap a black pudding for a cooked tomato. The sketch can be viewed here:

Winters Gills will be running their own version of the #Foodsie100 this weekend, 25 March. Order an all-day breakfast and you can take part in the Wellpark trading board where they can swap items up and down according to their point values, to build their ultimate bespoke breakfasT. Those who tweet pics using #Foodsie100 to @TennentsLager can win merchandise from the Tennents online shop.

Trading opens at 12pm and closes at 6pm.

Winters Gills is situated at: 226 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9EJ

I’m all for tattie scone being up there with bacon.


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    Mrs Foodie aka Emma loves to snuggle with Fred and Cleo, sleep and read. Can be found with gin or a pint in hand.

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