Travel To Do: Stasi Museum, Berlin

Stasi_museum_berlin_outsideExperience life in the East at the Stasi Museum

The Stasi Museum Stasi-Museum in the Friedrichshain area of Berlin is worth a visit (indeed is the whole of Friedrichshain!) This building housed The Ministry for State Security (MfS) .   After World War II, East Berlin was under the influence of the Soviet Union and became part of the German Democratic Republic GDR.  Part of the “Soviet Influence” was the merging of the German Communist Party and the German Social Democratic Party to form the Socialist Unity Party.  The Socialist Unity Party governed from 1946 until the fall of the GDR in 1989.

The MfS monitored citizens with the complex at Friedrichshain being its head office.  Inside you will find the old offices of Erich Mielke, the last GDR Minister for State Security.

The complex is huge, however the main building is easy to find.

Inside the foyer you will find a model of the complex as well as ticket office.


Foyer of Stasi Museum, Berlin


model of the Stasi Museum Complex

The building has a large variety of rooms detailing the MfS propaganda.


“For our safety”


Month of German Soviet friendship 1955.

Rooms containing the implements of administration.


An administrators dream!

As well as rooms showcasing the means of surveillance.


Spying equipment


Spying equipment


Shredded documents.



The floor where Erich Mielke, the last GDR Minister for State Security worked has been returned to it’s original state.  The building was ransacked by protesters during the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Meeting area. Stasi Museum, Berlin


Reception area, Stasi Museum, Berlin


Meeting Room, Stasi Museum, Berlin

Something you don’t see very much, a paternoster lift.


Paternoster lift, Stasi Museum, Berlin


Architectural Detail, Stasi Museum, Berlin


Outside, Stasi Museum, Berlin.

The Stasi Museum is worth the detour from the usual Berlin sights, you will need at least two hours here for a decent look around.

360 of the complex

Getting There:-

Address:Ruschestraße 103, 10365 Berlin
U-Bahn – Magdelenenstr U5
U-Bahn -Frankfurter Allee – U5
S-Bahn – Frankfurter Allee – Ring (S41 + S42), S8, S9 + S85

Opening Hours

Mo – Fr: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Weekend: 11.00am – 6.00pm
Holidays: 11.00am – 6.00pm

Public guided tours in English every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 3 pm. No extra charge and no booking required.

Entrance Prices

Adult €8
Reduced €6
Pupils €3

More information on their Website here.

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