Ingram Wynd, 58 Ingram St, Glasgow, October 2012

A 2 course meal for 2 with a bottle of wine included deal for £25 (real price £50) from 5pm.

White or red? We asked for the white and received an Il Banchetto Trebbiano Chardonnay. Chardonnay isn’t my favourite grape variety in the world but it was light and drinkable though Mr.P wasn’t that impressed.

To start…

Ingram Wynd haggis

Haggis which was unusually hard textured and crunchy but not unpleasant, I enjoyed the crunch but I did wonder if it was supposed to be like that or if it was overcooked. It came with creamy mash, tasty gravy but very little in the way of neeps and a monster sprig of parsley to garnish.

Mr.P went for Portobello mushrooms

Ingram Wynd mushrooms

Which for a vegetarian dish had a lot of flavour, was rather dense and was a pretty big portion.

For our mains we both opted for steak and chips.

Ingram Wynd steak

Mr.P had his medium but I opted for rare, however, no surprises here when the steak arrived medium (as most often happens in Glasgow when you ask for “rare”), perhaps rarer than Mr.P’s but still not quite what I was after. I still ate it and it was pretty decent, the sauce was very peppery which I liked but it was pre-poured (I’d have prefered to do that myself) and the chips were meh! A garnish of tomato and giant parsley again (where do they grow this stuff!?) came on the side.

Our deal was for 2 courses but we felt the food although not terribly impressive was worthy of a 3rd course and so we went for…

Ingram Wynd cheesecake

Honey and ginger cheesecake – I love ginger so personally when I see ginger listed as an ingredient I want to taste it, and it was there but was it was so subtle, same goes for the honey. So no overpowering flavours or inoffensive tastes – the sort of dessert you’d ask someone who hated honey and ginger to try and watch as they say they’re pleasantly surprised that they like it. It was a very light and fluffy but not really a vintage cheesecake in my opinion, it also came with fresh strawberries and ice-cream which were both very nice.

The bakewell tart however?

Ingram Wynd bakewell


Mr.P said something about it but I couldn’t really make it out as it was masked by “yums” and “mmms”…

The desserts were £4.50 extra each. So the total cost was £34 which we really can’t complain about considering we got a full bottle of wine into the deal and I got to see the biggest herbs I’ve ever seen in my life! But…it could’ve been better, it would be good to come back and try the full (non-deal restrictive) menu.

As for the other bits n bobs – the décor and surroundings were lovely, the toilets clean & well maintained and the staff were friendly & attentative. It would be a good place for a mother’s day meal I’d imagine.

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