Frankenstein, Glasgow **CLOSED**

OMG how awful! I wondered why the people i know have only been in there for a drink and now I know why. It was 2-4-1 wednesday with Fajita,nachos, burritos and chilli except someone forgot to tell the menu that – there were no burritos listed!!??

We ordered two pints to quench our thirsts and it took about 10 mins for them to come :(, then ordered beef fajita (£9.95) and Nachos (£6.95), total money rip off. The nachos had what tasted like tomato ketchup salsa, fatty non avocado tasting guacamole and hardly any cheese and what cheese there was was cheddar and defo not Montery Jack! At £7 I would expect something much better, Ive had better out of a supermarket box! The other half had beef fajitas with those little silly cups with his salsa etc in, not enough for a £10 worth portion.

Felt as if it was a rip off and if it wasnt BOGOF I wouldve complained more (and even then they intially tried to charge us for the nachos)


Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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  1. lynsey
    17/06/2010 / 9:24 am
    well just been there in family get together and they said they dont offer free drink with our meal deal i checked their website they do so instead they grossley over charged us on two bottles rose for 37 pound and total bill for 12 with 5 being kids and two adults on cokes came to 248pounds!!! even though our meal was £12.50 each i couldnt believe it so i emailed them and complained though the food was great the over price soft drinks and booze put me off wont be going back

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