Ed’s Easy Diner microwave meals

Ed’s easy diner microwave meals Iceland

Iceland launch Ed’s Easy Diner range

You can’t say that we haven’t got eclectic tastes. One day posting about a Vienesse breakfast the next, microwave burgers. Ed’s Easy Diner range recently launched in Iceland and Food Warehouse, so we thought we try them out for a quick and simple lunch.

I loved visiting Ed’s Easy Diner in Soho, the neon, the milkshakes – lots of happy memories. But then it all went sour when the original owner died and number crunchers led the way.

There seems to be just 11 Ed’s Easy Diners around in the UK now. So to get a fix, you’ll have to either travel or buy something from this new range.

Ed’s Easy Diner range at Iceland:

Ed’s Easy Diner BBQ Chicken Bites (285g, £1.50)
Ed’s Easy Diner Breaded Chicken Bites (285g, £1.50)
Ed’s Easy Diner Cheese & Tomato Pizza (£1.25, 160g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Pepperoni Pizza (£1.25, 160g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Classic Hot Dog (£2.50, 225g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Chilli Dog (£3.00, 275g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Bacon & Maple Syrup Pancakes (£2.00, 155g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Sausage Pancakes (£2.00, 190g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Breakfast Muffin (£2.00, 170g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Chicken & Cheese Burger (£2.00, 206g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Smokey Joe Burger (£2.00, 209g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Mac N Cheese Burger (£2.50, 237g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Caramel Waffle (£2.00, 130g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Chocolate Waffle (£2.00, 130g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Double Decker (£1.75, 204g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Spicy Chicken Burger (£1.75, 186g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Double Cheeseburger (£1.75, 212g)
Ed’s Easy Diner Berries & Choc Pancakes (£2.50, 200g) – Exclusive to Food Warehouse


We picked the double decker burger and the mac ‘n cheese burger with bacon. We don’t have a microwave so we cooked these in the oven and toasted the buns.

This is what the official blurb says.

Ed’s Diner Microwavable Double Decker Burger with Burger Sauce £1.75

A double sliced white bread bun topped with sesame seeds stacked with two cooked beef and chicken burgers and a slice of processed cheese with a sachet of burger sauce.

Ed’s Diner Microwavable Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger with Bacon £2.50

A bar marked white bread bun with a cooked beef and chicken quarter pounder burger, cooked smoke flavour bacon rashers and a sachet of macaroni cheese topping.

Ed’s easy diner microwave meals Iceland

Now look at all of the bacon for the mac and cheese burger.

Ed’s easy diner microwave meals Iceland

The buns were easy to cook and put together.  However the mac and cheese was tepid as this is heated by submersing in hot water.

The bread bun on this meal broke up easily and wasn’t appetising at all. The bars marks on the roll made it plastic tasting.

Ed’s easy diner microwave meals Iceland

The best bit about the double decker was the burger sauce! Lots of gherkin flavour here. The buns here held up better to toasting.


😑  it’s a cheap burger taste, that is overpriced and nothing  like Ed’s Easy Diner food at all. Just buy Rustlers and forget about these.




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