Dows, Dundas Street, Glasgow

Outside Dows Bar, Glasgow
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Dows is located across the road from Queen Street Railway Station so a handy place for train waiting.

Dows, Glasgow © Food and Drink Glasgow Blog
Dows, Glasgow
© Food and Drink Glasgow Blog

Usual beers on tap, quite small for the location but there is a free function room upstairs. Mixed clientele.

No food served here.





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  1. Matthew Cameron
    02/01/2018 / 2:44 pm
    They don't pay their staff properly, there's a rats nest in the bar and the owner has taken to harassing staff to get what he wants. If you've ever known anyone in the hospitality industry or you possess basic human decency you won't support this bar.
  2. Toby Williams
    02/01/2018 / 3:43 pm
    Horrendous treatment of staff: -1 star Illegally withholding pay from staff: -1 staff Rats nest under the bar: -1 star Verbally and physically abusing staff and supervisors: -1 star Stealing from till then taking it from tips: -1 star
  3. Rachael
    03/01/2018 / 3:50 pm
    deleted their facebook page because they don't want anyone to know how horrendous they are to their staff.
  4. Dean
    17/01/2018 / 8:12 pm
    Always found the bar to be a great place to stop after stepping off a train. Met the owner a few times and he was always polite and courteous. Staff seemed to always have a laugh and joke with him when I was there. This flurry of posts look a little suspicious to me but Im just a punter seeing one side. Time will tell.

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