Corinthian events and updates

Corinthian events Glasgow

We received a note of some events and a cheaper breakfast for press types during the games.

“The Corinthian Serves Up ‘Pressfast’

The ‘pressfast’, an alternative take on breakfast, is available exclusively to those in the media where all guests have to do is flash their press pass or any form of suitable identification to gain entry into the exclusive service.

The pressfast package includes a generous 50% discount off breakfast at The Corinthian Club and bottomless tea and coffee to quench your thirst after the first one is purchased.

Along with unlimited free Wi-Fi, journalists and reporters can also use any of the Corinthian’s available function rooms to carry out any necessary interviews should they wish.”

Corinthian events Glasgow
Inside one of the rooms at The Corinthian

Events for us mere mortals as maybe some on competing athletes include:-

Corinthian events Glasgow

Corinthian events Glasgow

Check out their website for up to date details.


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