Book Review: Palestine on a plate

Palestine on a plate book review

Mouth watering food

Joudie Kalla’s Palestine on a Plate is a beautiful book.  Not only a feast for the mouth, but also the eyes.

Palestine on a plate book review

The colours transport you away from autumnal Britain to faraway lands.  The images in this book will certainly have you making a list for some shopping!

Palestine on a plate book review

It’s an easy to follow book, with a helpful section explaining Middle Eastern ingredients as well as various recipe sections such as  veg, meat, fish, chicken, drinks and some delicious looking cakes.

Palestine on a plate book review

There are recipes for everyone, not just the meat eater, with Vegan and Vegetarian recipes as well.

Family plays a large part of Kalla’s book, with stories and images throughout.  A reminder of how cooking and the love of food brings everyone together.

Palestine on a plate book review

Be inspired by Joudie Kalla and her book and try some beautiful and delicious dishes this winter.

Palestine on a plate book review


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