The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook by Samuel Goldsmith

the tinned tomatoes cookbook

The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook is a must to add to your kitchen bookshelf.

This new release cookbook (with the most amazing book cover) shows how creative you can be with a cupboard staple such as a tin of tomatoes.

There are 100 simple recipes using all the easily accessible ingredients in your kitchen after introducing the reader to the various types of tinned tomatoes you can choose from.

There are some we all already know but with a few new varieties.

Polpa – tomatoes finely chopped into pulp. Ideal for sauces and slow cooking

Chopped tomatoes – the most well-known. Great for stews, sauces and soups

Cherry tomatoes – the tinned version of the bite-sized tomatoes on the vine.
Ideal for soups, sauces and stews plus nice to use in quiches and pies.

Whole peeled plum tomatoes – the original tinned tomatoes. Ideal to use in stews, sauces and soups. Also great as part of a full English breakfast.

San Marzano tomatoes – used because of their natural flavour, and low seed count. Perfect for tinned tomatoes.

the tinned tomatoes cookbook

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There are also a few more included in the introduction.

The Tinned Tomato Cookbook will offer the reader a huge choice of recipes whether you are looking for a family midweek meal or a quick easy meal after a hard day at work.

Here are a few of the many options available:

Fish stews
Chicken and chorizo pie
Halloumi and Mediterranean traybake
Tuna pasta bake
Three types of chilli con carne
Pasta sauces.

I am sure The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook will become a staple in your kitchen. Choose a chapter to suit your needs – Store-cupboard saviours, pasta sauces, one-pot wonders, family feasts,midweek meals, snacks, sides and sauces.


Published by Murdoch Books Photography by Mowie Kay.

Available from all the normal book outlets.

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