The Beast from the East gets the Tennent’s Lager treatment

Tennent’s Lager the Beast from the East Glasgow snow

Tennent’s Create UKs Biggest Snowball Practice

Why should kids get all the snow day fun? Tennent’s Lager have organised a bit of light relief from the Beast from the East.  Next to Glasgow’s River Clyde at the Squinty Bridge, Tennent’s Lager have transformed a billboard into what could well be the biggest snowball target in the U.K.!

Tennent’s Lager the Beast from the East Glasgow snow

The Tennent’s Lager billboard will be in situ until Friday evening. So if you have a snow day due to the Beast from the East, then get down to the Squinty Bridge and get practicing.

Tennent’s Lager the Beast from the East Glasgow snow

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Marketing Services at Tennent’s, said:

“With all the mayhem the snow has brought to Scotland, we thought it was only right we serve up some joy. While everyone is off work and enjoying a walk in the snow, as a bit of a laugh we’ve created the UK’s biggest snowball target down by the River Clyde. Although we do ask that people use their common sense and don’t actually try and hit the bullseye, we’d love to see people pop by and share their images on social. We’re sure there’ll be a flurry of folk who’ll want to come and have a look before heading to their local pub for an ice cold pint of Tennent’s Lager, Scotland’s official snow day sponsor of 2018.”

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