Agenda, 15 Millbrae Road, Glasgow ***CLOSED***


Located in a lovely art deco building near to Victoria Hospital, this is a pub that promises a lot and disapoints.

Food was disapointing – the soup tasted like a Cup a soup! and the roast failed to impress. Atmosphere was also lacking.

Went back on a friday evening, place was empty, no atmosphere at all.

Where is it:- Agenda

Agenda 15 Millbrae Road,Glasgow G42 9UA 0141 649 6861

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Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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  1. trolley boy
    01/03/2009 / 5:16 pm
    Hey New management,staff and menu. Picked up its act but still not in the top ten
  2. admin
    01/03/2009 / 5:48 pm
    Excellent news, always good to see a place giving it another go. Will have to venture back up the hill to give it another go.
  3. Ally
    10/07/2009 / 8:45 am
    Dont bother it's still duff :-(

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