Bier Stube, 87 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow ***CLOSED***


After a much promising start Stube appears to be flagging. The quiz nights are hosted by such an annoying person that I have witnessed people leave as soon as it gets to quiz time!

Staff can be surly and rude (not attempting to advise of the beers available – its a beer pub!), the only saving grace are the two for one pizzas.

Toilets unclean and frozen!

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  1. trolley boy
    01/04/2008 / 2:47 pm
    I may well have been one of the people leaving on a quiz night. Havent really noticed the rudeness of the staff but your comments about the unclean toilets and freezing teperatures in the bar are well justified.
  2. admin
    01/03/2009 / 6:02 pm
    After a self imposed ban I ventured in to meet a chum. Was still a bit quiet for a Thursday night and still pretentiously expensive (£7 for a fry!!??) but the San Mig was a treat and the staff were a lot happier than previously. Toilets were still dirty and cold tho :(
  3. Kalle
    15/08/2009 / 1:28 am
    Well i have enjoyed every visit! The 2 for 1 Pizza is a real winner, been in at least 10+ times but still havent been to the toilets. 4/5 in total in my opinion. Dont expect 5 star service when you walk in just for 2 for 1 and no ££ on booze
  4. James
    23/09/2009 / 11:45 am
    I personally think the Bier Stube is exceptional value for money, the 2 for 1 pizzas are a bargain and every meal is served American style ( I cannot ever finish them )and the quality is excellent. The bar has one of the best selection of beers in Glasgow and is fairly priced taking into account the choice thats offered. I have always found staff to be friendly and coureous of late, of smart appearance and efficient. If you are looking for a good atmosphere, value for money and a wide range of beverages then Stube is for you!!
  5. admin
    24/09/2009 / 7:54 pm
    last time i was in the bar guy had to go to the offy to get more red stripe to sell.
  6. Dave E
    08/11/2009 / 1:46 pm
    This pub is right on my door step. I go in often for the pizza deals like most people. However, the place is very dirty and needs a refurb. The toilets are best not even spoken about. There generally is always a decent selection of beers but we needs more pubs like this (or beter) in shawlands. There are too many 'old man' pubs and not enough bars.
  7. john doe
    09/05/2010 / 4:50 pm
    As a regular to the bar for a few years now i have a good view on what they do well and what not so well. The food is great value for money. I think you would be hard pushed to beat the service and quality that is served over other establishments. I have never had any problems with the staff there who are always willing to serve and help with any request i have. I see the point with the toilets but they are improving for sure. The point about the refurb may be true but i think the bier hall theme works better when a used theme is employed. Not every bar looks better with stainless steel. overall its good for food a local night out. pizza is great and i think if your open to new beers youwill be in heaven
  8. Michael
    01/07/2010 / 1:27 pm
    I think they do about the best pizzas in Glasgow. I go there regularly for the 2-for-1 offer. That being said, the service can be pretty poor, especially when trying to pay!And to describe it as a beer pub is just a joke.Great pizzas, but I'd never go there otherwise.
  9. grant
    23/07/2010 / 9:43 am
    I was there last night and the menu change was a good change of pace from the normal menu they had been offered for the past while. They have expanded it very well and now changed the mains as well to a more diverse choice. They had over 40 beers on offer when i was in so to say its a joke beer pub is a bit silly considering the choice is much better than 90% of bars i've been too. Service is generally great there and i always get on great with the staff. seem very chatty and friendly. all in all its still the best place to grab a relaxed beer and bite in shawlands for me......
  10. Michael
    23/07/2010 / 10:04 am
    Grant, maybe says more about the other bars you go to. How many beers on draught do they have? And did they actually have all 40 on the menu? - I think they are often out of stock. And most of the bottles are just mediocre fizzy lager at highly inflated prices anyway. Furstenburg is the one decent thing they have which is still vaguely reasonably well-priced. Their pizzas rock though!
  11. Martin
    26/07/2010 / 10:03 am
    I live in shawlands and this is pretty much my first choice if going out for a quick bite to eat or drink. Place could certainly do with a refurb though as it is looking a bit tired and the toielts leave lot ot be desired. But the pizzas are fab and with 2-for-1 you cant really go wrong. Never really have a problem with the staff. Most of them i have encountered are really chatty, helpful and without sounding like a pig, some of the girls compliment the beers very well!You could do a lot worse in shawlands than a visit to Bier Stube.
  12. lucas
    04/11/2010 / 3:05 am
    i was worked for stube and this place is really shit lika my english hahah. ******, the general maneger it is a wonker and cheeky bustard and fat bitch. he think that he is the best on the world but is true that he is a normal cock sucker and big baby with cry if somethink i wrong. i finish with this placa what should be under the street. ***** and your ugly brother ****-F**k YOU *** (ADMIN EDIT - provokes a strong comment from this chap I have however removed names and censored obscenities)
  13. G. Grecian
    14/01/2011 / 8:43 pm
    Very disappointed in stube 14.1.11!!! We usually go about once a fortnight but on this occasion we stood with our names on the supposed LIST for over an hour and three sets of people just sat down without being on the list. The list is a waste of time! There is absolutely no system what so ever and the staff run around like headless chickens! We will not be back and will certainly make sure that all our friends/ clients and work associates know that stube in shawlands is ridiculous !!
  14. marley
    22/03/2011 / 1:07 pm
    Have to say, as someone living in shawlands the stube is definitely my favourite bar. I can't really understand someone crying about "the list" surely if you go in on a friday or saturday night it's going to be rammed?I wasn't too impressed by my chorizo pizza last saturday though, but then I remembered why i never order that one....Top notch for a quick pizza, a nice pint and I have to say I've never had problems with the staff. A few times some new staff were in and maybe were a bit weird, but the main guys are quality, really friendly.
  15. john
    22/04/2011 / 12:29 pm
    Lol love the marmite flavour bier stube has over everything here. Gillian is here all the time and has been back after having to wait too long lol so dont listen to her....I go here for a cheap munch, lets face it we all love pizza and they make a good deal when two folk can come get fed and have a beer each for under £20 with a side....Its great for my pocket. Yeah can be rough around the edges but its by far the best bar in shawlands in my view so defo worth a look if you have never been before...
  16. Chris Feeney
    09/05/2011 / 3:26 pm
    It's manky, looks like its about to go bust.241 pizzas are great, all the sides are nonsense.Used to be a proper beer pub with loads on tap, but I reckon they have been living hand to mouth for a while, can't afford to keep all those pumps wired up wasting electricity.
  17. Zorro
    30/03/2012 / 2:23 pm
    Shit shit shit and shit ;/

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