10 of the BEST Dishes for New Year

Retro vintage cooking

You know those lists..ten canapés to amaze you guests..ten ways with a cucumber…we’ll take a look at these.  Aren’t they amazing?  I’d be totally chuffed turning up at a party with some of these on board.

Here we have our fave dodgy dishes for New Year!

10. Ham in Aspic

No wonder it’s a slimmers card, it’s probably awful.  Tasteless ham in tasteless jelly.  I wonder how long it would take to get the peas to sit for setting?

Retro vintage cooking

9. Spam n Limas

I’m not sure if my cooking skills are up for this one.  Too many ingredients to handle!Retro vintage cooking

8. Cranberry Surprise

Surprise your guests with individual pots of vomit ….Retro vintage cooking

7.Spam n cheese ribbon loaf

Another hard one from Spam.  So many ingredients, makes my brain hurt.   Pretty stripes tho.

Retro vintage cooking

6. Pineapple …?

I have no idea what this is and it scares me.

Retro vintage cooking

5. Jellied Tomato Refresher

More diet food.  One bite and that’s the diet successful for the night.

Retro vintage cooking

4. Crown roast of frankfurters

All hail the crown of wieners.

Retro vintage cooking

3. Perfection salad

Beautifully moulded salad of..sick?

2. Ham and bananas hollandaise

Now you are talking, look at this dish. Glorious.

1. Banana Candles

The best dish for New Year. Perfect for nibbling whilst talking to neighbours.

Retro vintage cooking

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