Where to eat: Piwnica Staromeisjska

Piwnica Staromiejska schnitzel

Leaving Germany to eat in Poland for the evening

One of the good things about visiting Görlitz is that just on the other side of the river is Poland and the town of Zgorzelec.  Zgorzelec was a suburb of Görlitz until the end of World War II when it became part of Poland.  Due to the EU border, you can wander seamlessly from Germany to Poland and back again.

Piwnica Staromiejska bridge

The building Piwnica Staromeisjska is located in is an old mill.  You can’t miss it with its unusual mural.

Piwnica Staromiejska outside

The main restaurant is located through this door.  It is styled in cosy country style.  It was full to the brim when we visited.  However, we must have had “we have travelled and need food faces” as we were shown to the bar downstairs.

Piwnica Staromiejska door

Not quite as traditional as upstairs!  It was quiet in here with some background music to take the edge off..

Piwnica Staromiejska inside

Menu for Piwnica Staromiejska

Piwnica Staromiejska menu

What we ate at Piwnica Staromeisjska

I wasn’t feeling too good, a bit of a rough tummy so decided that soup was the best way forward.

Piwnica Staromiejska soup“Żurek” a traditional Polish soup with egg and sausage.  This is a sour soup made with a fermented rye starter.  This alongside the egg and sausage would not only give me some good bugs, but fill me up and help me battle whatever was trying to annoy me.  It wasn’t as sour as some sour soups I’ve had, a bit like Scotch Broth with a tang.  Just what I needed.

Piwnica Staromiejska schnitzelPolish breaded pork chops with fried cabbage and potatoes for the mother.  Tender pork coated in crispy breadcrumbs.  Buttery and smooth mash alongside some tangy cabbage.  Another hearty dish here.

Piwnica Staromiejska fishMark picked the salmon with truffle puree and crispy cauliflower.   Being a huge lover of fried cauliflower, he could have eaten a gazillion of these.  The salmon was moist and tender and the potatoes were creamy, and smooth with a hint of truffle.


The basement wasn’t as appealing looking as upstairs however the service was friendly and the food hearty.  Just what we needed after a day of travelling.

Where is Piwnica Staromiejska

Piwnica Statonmiejska,Wrocławska 1,  Zgorzelec

Book a table at Piwnica Staromiejska

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