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What to make with a pumpkin 🎃

Pumpkin recipes Halloween

🎃 What to do with leftover pumpkin 🎃

It’s pumpkin season, and remember that you can eat the pumpkins that you buy in the supermarkets. But how to carve a pumpkin? and what to make with your leftover pumpkin?

There will be enough flesh in a pumpkin in order to make something to eat and to decorate the house.

How to carve a pumpkin

Cut the top off your pumpkin then scoop out the insides. If you remove as much of the flesh as you can, you will not only get lots of pumpkin to cook with, but carving will be a lot easier!

You can use a sharp knife, spoon, melon baller or a special pumpkin scraper.

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What to make with leftover pumpkin

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Pumpkin recipes Halloween

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