Book Review : The Squash and Pumpkin Cookbook- gourd-geous recipes to celebrate these versatile vegetables by Heather Thomas.

the squash and pumpkin cookbook

Gourd-geous recipes to celebrate these versatile vegetables by Heather Thomas.

This is a cookbook to add to your bookshelf for this time of year. When the weather starts to turn cold outside we seek out lovely comfort food such as seasonal squash and pumpkin.

We can all relate to the idea that pumpkin is just not for Halloween.  The Squash and Pumpkin Cookbook takes you on a culinary journey that introduces the reader to the wonderful versatility of these seasonal vegetables.

Squash and pumpkin are easy to find at this time of year – they can be baked, roasted, pureed into delicious warming soups, spicy curries, light tasty salads, and also make delightful bakes because of their sweetness.


There is a clear and concise section on the different varieties of squash and pumpkins. This is very helpful indeed if you are new to cooking this type of vegetable.

The recipes are well laid out and easy to follow with the added benefit of alternative ingredients to use at the end of each recipe page. The end result of the recipes are beautifully photographed – and would certainly encourage the reader to try squash and pumpkin in their daily diet.

Not only are squash and pumpkins easy to cook but also they are incredibly healthy – full of the antioxidant Vitamin A which can improve your eye health.

Here are two different recipes extracted from The Squash and Pumpkin Cookbook by Heather Thomas (Ebury Press £9.99)

the squash and pumpkin cookbook

Squash and beetroot salad

the squash and pumpkin cookbook

Halloween and pumpkin chilli


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the squash and pumpkin cookbook

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