Visit to Bergbrennerei Löwen A-6883 Au-Rehmen 87

Austria distillery

Mountainous Gin

Whilst on a cheese expedition to Austria to find out about Rupp Cheese, we stopped at Bergbrennerei Löwen for coffee, cake and a rest from our travels.

Austria distillery

Part of the building houses a distillery, which has been in operation for the last four years.

Austria distillery

Hay and water is distilled to make a base spirit. We all had a taste of the 80% production – certainly helped clear the throat!

Austria distillery

The base spirit then has a variety of ingredients added, dependent on what flavours are required.

Austria distillery

Angelika, usually one of the botanicals found in the flavouring of gin.

Another locally foraged ingredient is sage. The master distiller has a full wall of storage with various dried ingredients such as rose buds, herbs and other flavourings.

Austria distillery

A wild garlic mash, such a smell! Another jar held a coffee/alcohol mix – a much more appealing smell!
Austria distillery

The distiller taking off some cherry flavoured spirit out of the cask for our tasting. 65% proof at this moment.


Each bottle is produced by hand.

Austria distillery

It was the gin bottles which caught my eye – beautiful!

If only I had checked in luggage!

As well as being pretty, the gin was smooth and had a strong juniper taste.

Austria distillery

Austria distillery


Location: Visit to Bergbrennerei Löwen A-6883 Au-Rehmen 87

Bergbrennerei Löwen


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